Improving Disaster Prevention in People with Special Needs: Erasmus Project + „Disavantaged Students Overcoming the Disasters”.

Improving Disaster Prevention in People with Special Needs: Erasmus Project + „Disavantaged Students Overcoming the Disasters”.

Europe has been affected by several disasters throughout history. European countries face a variety of disaster-related challenges from floods, forest fires, earthquakes, storms, extreme weather changes, among other risk situations. To address these increasing risks, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive approach to prevention, preparedness and response. One of the main pillars for improving disaster prevention in Europe and worldwide is cooperation and coordination between countries. The creation of a network for sharing knowledge, best practices and information is essential and necessary.

The EU-funded „Disavantaged Students Overcoming the Disasters” project, coordinated by Lithuania, has partners such as Portugal, Greece, Romania and Turkey, reflecting on and developing some key measures to be implemented to improve disaster prevention in Europe and the world today, strengthening the resilience of the region as a whole.  These partner countries seek to establish effective mechanisms for communication and information exchange on risks, early warnings and prevention measures.

The project, under the EU-funded Erasmus + Programme „Disavantaged Students Overcoming the Disasters” , aims at disaster prevention in people with Special Needs (SEN) through a mobile application (app) of educational games. The aim is to empower and prepare people with SEN to effectively face emergency situations, promoting the safety and resilience of these individuals.

The inclusion of people with Special Needs is a fundamental principle that should be applied in all areas of society, including disaster prevention. Based on this premise, the project proposes the use of an educational games mobile application as an accessible and engaging tool to enable people with SEN to acquire essential knowledge and skills to deal with emergency situations.

The educational games mobile application is being developed taking into consideration the individual needs of people with SEN, including cognitive, visual, hearing or motor impairments. The games are adapted to ensure accessibility and understanding for each participant, providing an interactive and engaging experience.

The application features a variety of games related to disaster prevention, addressing topics such as risk identification, evacuation routes, basic first aid, communication in emergency situations, fires and earthquakes. These games are designed to stimulate critical thinking, problem solving as well as active participation and collaboration among participants.

The educational games app will be available free of charge to people with SEN, their carers, educators and professionals as well as anyone else interested in the subject. The APP will be accessible in several languages and can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Participants will be encouraged to regularly explore the application, play the different games and track their progress. The application will offer tracking and assessment features, allowing participants to monitor their development and receive feedback on their skills. The use of the educational games application is expected to bring significant benefits and produce positive impacts. Expected benefits include increasing risk awareness and knowledge of disaster prevention measures in people with SEN, developing practical skills to deal with emergency situations and promoting the social inclusion and active participation of these individuals.

Author: Raquel Lombardi- Specialised teacher. Erasmus Coordinator

Informacija atnaujinta: 2023-06-28 11:06:05

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