Projekto “Erasmu+ KA2: Walking the line” parnerių padėkos mokyklos bendruomenei

“Ačiū Jums už darbą” – sako projekto partneriai iš Vokietijos ir Rumunijos.
Dearest Team Walking the Line, 
Just a little note to echo Team Romania’s very kind words of gratitude and appreciation.  The Lithuanian Team did an excellent job of hosting, organising and entertaining us. We were so impressed with your team heartfelt efforts; the students, families, school and  teachers. 
We all went home filled with wonderful memories of our time together, especially the common dance (the Romanian Kissing-Dance, too), our excursions and  especially our hike 
(Rambo, included).
You have inspired us and we are very excited to receive you all in Gütersloh, Germany in April 2018.  
May the good spirit, (and good weather) be with us as we continue our common journey together, Walking the Line…
Kind regards,
Your friends in Germany
Dear all!The Lithuanian hosts*:) happy*:x lovestruck thank you again for the wonderful organization, for the involvement of each member of the team in all the activities of the amazing Lithuanian week (I think they even arranged to be sunny with the weather*;) winking) – TheWeek of Amber
Our students were very excited, and thank to the hosts (parents, students, teachers).*:x lovestruck*=D> applause*&lt:-P party
The Romanian team sends a warm *:"> blushinghug to all the teachers of the Walking the Lineproject,
even to Rambo*&lt):) cowboy !

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